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You’ve already been doing some research on the uses and benefits of Ipamorelin and now you’re curious as to how much Ipamorelin costs—am I right? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We have done the research for you and can provide all of the information you need to know about the costs of Ipamorelin, as well as where to order Ipamorelin safely and for a reasonable price.

Ipamorelin is part of one of the newest trends in peptide therapy that has gained popularity as a way to fight the signs of aging, enhance bodybuilding/fitness results, enhance sleep quality, boost metabolism, and assist with inflammatory issues.

Since Ipamorelin works by enhancing your body’s production of natural human growth hormones (HGH) instead of flooding your system with additional growth hormones, there are very minimal side effects associated with its use [1]

Basically, Ipamorelin “test subjects” get all of the benefits of increasing their natural HGH levels (e.g., increased muscle mass, faster recovery time, reduction in visible signs of aging) without interfering with the body’s normal hormone production.

This article will give you a brief review about Ipamorelin and, more importantly, tell you about cost and how to order Ipamorelin.

What does Tesamorelin cost?

That's the question for many “test subjects” looking to try this powerful peptide. Because the effects of Tesamorelin are clear: it can burn through stubborn belly fat like nothing else and increase lean muscle along the way. It can also have important cognitive benefits, help regenerate nerves, and even protect cardiac tissue.

The problem is how to order Tesamorelin. You want to make sure you're ordering from a legitimate supplier and that you're not paying more than you should.

We've got you. This article will provide all those details.

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P.S: This is not medical or legal advice. This is strictly for entertainment purposes. We are not doctors - nor lawyers. All information below is presented for use on "test subjects" only. Not for human consumption. Please read my disclaimer.

What is Tesamorelin?

Tesamorelin, sometimes called “Tesamorelin acetate”, or by its brand name, “Egrifta” is a synthetic peptide hormone first created by a Canadian company [1].

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins [2]. Tesamprelin is also a hormone, which means that it has an effect on the human endocrine system and sends chemical signals that help to regulate your body.

Human growth hormone

In particular, Tesamorelin is chemically identical to a particular hormone galled “growth hormone-releasing hormone” (GHRH) that is made naturally in your body. This hormone's job is to work as part of the system that regulates the amount of “growth hormone” or “human growth hormone” (HGH) that gets produces and secreted.

HGH is essential for your body to grow and repair itself. It plays a role in all kinds of cellular synthesis and repair functions. While HGH is particularly important to children as they're growing, it's also important for adults.

But, as we age, the HGH levels in our body naturally declines.

While studies have found that directly supplementing HGH has a number of great effects—like increasing lean muscle mass, reducing fat, helping recover from injuries, and so on—it also can come with severe side effects.

Tesamorelin increases HGH

Fortunately, it's possible to increase HGH levels indirectly by taking peptides that up-regulate the production of HGH. These can be just as effective as taking HGH directly and can have many fewer adverse effects.

Tesamorelin is one of these HGH secratogues. Because it is chemically similar to GHRH and it binds to the same receptors that GHRH does, it has the same effect:  higher HGH levels in the blood [3, 4].


How Much Does Tesamorelin Cost?

So how much does Tesamorelin cost?

Well, it depends where you buy it.

Tesamorelin for sale at pharmacies

Tesamorelin is approved as a prescription medication that is prescribed to reduce excess abdominal fat in patients that are on HIV medications. Because it's a prescription medication, you can buy it from the pharmacy. But, it costs significantly more.

  • One website we found listed the lowest price from Costco as $5,901.04 for 30 vials of 2 mg of Tesamorelin [5]. That's about $196 per vial, or $98 per dose.
  • Keep in mind, that's after using a coupon. Without the coupon, it's $8,134 for 30 vials of 2 mg. That's $271 per vial, or $135 per dose.

That's very expensive.

Tesamorelin for sale online

Tesamorelin costs much less when you buy it online.

  • Peptide Sciences has 10 vials of 5 mg of Tesamorelin—about 50 doses—for sale for $625. That's $12.50 per dose.

That means you would save 87% if you buy Tesamorelin online rather than at the pharmacy. You save about $85 per dose.

If you use it for one cycle of 5 days a week for 2 months, you would save about $3,400.

That's why we don't recommend anyone buy Tesamorelin from the pharmacy.

Tesamorelin Dosage

If you have lipodystrophy, your doctor will likely have prescribed you to take Tesamorelin in the following way:

  • 1 subcutaneous injection, daily
  • Each injection containing a dosage of 2 mg
  • 5 days a week
  • at least 90 minutes after eating
  • At night, before bed

If your “test subjects” are bodybuilding, some researchers suggest 1 mg is better [6]. Try this dosing schedule:

  • 1 subcutaneous injection, daily
  • Each injection containing a dosage of 1 mg
  • 5 days a week
  • at least 90 minutes after eating
  • At night, before bed

Food doesn't seem to interfere with Tesamorelin, so you don't need to eat a special diet. However, if your “test subjects” are using Tesamorelin for bodybuilding, the healthier the diet, the better the results will be.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Tesamorelin Online?


Individuals wishing to buy Tesamorelin as a prescription medication for their lipodystrophy do need a prescription.

But, you don't need a prescription to buy Tesamorelin online for research purposes. Scientists and researchers can buy Tesamorelin completely legally by simply finding an online vendor.


Where to Buy Tesamorelin Online? | 2020 Guide

There are many online vendors of research peptides—you've got lots of choices.

But as a word of caution: make sure you do your research to determine whether the vendor you've chosen is legitimate or not. There are lots of vendors that aren't—that may sell you a product that has fillers in it. That means your Tesamorelin might not work, but more than that, it could be dangerous.

Make sure that you look for a vendor that has:

  • A track record of providing high-quality products. Look for good reviews from third-party, independent websites.
  • Proof of their product. A good company will publish the results from chemical analyses so you can see that it's pure.
  • Secure payment. You want to make sure your information is encrypted. Ideally, you'll have a broad choice of payment options, too.
  • A guarantee. What happens if you don't receive your product or it's not what you ordered? You want to make sure there is a reasonable process in place so that you can get the problem fixed.

Customer service. Solid customer service that will reply promptly to your questions and comments is also key.

The #1 Place to Legally Order Tesamorelin Online

We only trust one vendor with our peptide orders, and that is Peptide Science.

The reason is that we've tried a ton of different places and only Peptide Sciences has consistently been the most reliable. They have had the best products and very reasonable prices.

Here's what we love about Peptide Sciences:

Fast, secure, global shipping

Peptide Sciences are based in the United States, and if you are also located in the US, you'll usually get your shipment within 2-3 days. It takes a bit longer outside of the US—up to 10 days—but that's still really fast compared to other suppliers.

It's only a $15 flat fee for shipping, but if you buy more than $200, it's free.

The discounts are great

You can buy individual vials or you can buy in bulk and get a discount. For example, if you buy 5 vials of Tesamorelin, you'll save 5%. If you buy 10 vials, you'll save 9%.

You also get 30 ml of bacteriostatic water for free if you spend over $300.

Altogether, those discounts add up, especially when you consider that it's already about 85% cheaper than buying from the pharmacy.

Convenient, secure payment

Peptide Sciences has a ton of payment options, including:

  • Most major credit cards
  • Cyber currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin
  • Other e-payment options like Apple Pay and Venmo
  • Electronic check

Fantastic customer service

Honestly, this is where they really shine. Every time we've tried to get in touch by phone or email, we've been impressed by how easy it is and how great they are. They've always solved any problem we've had quickly and professionally.

The best quality around

You need the highest quality peptides for your “research”.

Peptide Science guarantees a super high-quality product—exceeding 99% pure. They also get an independent laboratory to test their product and then post a certificate of that analysis right on their website so you can confirm it.

These are the peptides that are used in clinical research and human trials, so you can be sure it's exactly what you need.

Tesamorelin & CJC-1295?

Many “test subjects” like to stack or combine several peptides to get the best out of both of them and achieve optimal results.

CJC 1295 is one of the ones that's commonly paired with Tesamorelin. CJC 1295 is another peptide that also stimulates GH production [7].

There isn't much robust scientific research on the effects of taking these two peptides together. However, anecdotal evidence—what we've heard from the people in our community—suggests that they can be really great paired together.

They're both really strong for targeting stubborn belly fat, so if your “test subject” is looking to get shredded, this combo might be worth it.

Keep in mind Tesamorelin is generally much stronger than CJC—but also more expensive.

Benefits of Tesamorelin

Tesamorelin has a ton of benefits. Here are just a few that are supported by high-quality evidence.

  • Increased HGH in the body [8]
  • Increased fat burning (lipolysis) [1, 9]
  • Increased muscle mass [7]
  • Cognitive improvements [10, 11]
  • Nerve regeneration [12]

Tesamorelin Side Effects?

Tesamorelin is generally considered safe and well-tolerated by most people. But some people—less than 5%—may experience side effects. Here are the most common ones [8]:

  • sweating
  • redness, itching, pain, swelling, and irritation at the site of injection
  • diarrhea
  • muscle aches


Tesamorelin Costs | Verdict

Tesamorelin is an incredible peptide and can be exactly what “test subjects” need to rip through that stubborn belly fat. And you'll find lots of vendors from which you can order Tesamorelin online.

How much does Tesamorelin cost? It depends, but you can find it for about $12.50 per dose.

While you can also find Tesamorelin for sale at your local pharmacy, you'll need a prescription, and it can be way, way more expensive.

Your best bet for high-quality, inexpensive research-grade Tesamorelin is definitely an online vendor like Peptide Sciences.

Buy Tesamorelin from our #1 recommended vendor...



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