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Titus Thorne

 August 15, 2021

You might have heard good things, but are you concerned about Ipamorelin’s side effects?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Lots of people use Ipamorelin to improve their physique. It helps you put on lean muscle mass and burn fat. It’s also effective for getting better sleep and rejuvenating aged skin.

But is it safe?

For most people, yes. But there are some side effects. Here, we’ll give you all the information you need to decide whether it is right for you and what you can expect for Ipamorelin side effects.

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What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin is a peptide that has 5 amino acids. It was created to mimic peptides that are naturally occurring in your body that stimulate the production of human growth hormone (HGH) in the pituitary gland. These are called growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRP).

Ipamorelin looks like a GHRP to your body, so it is able to act like one. Ipamorelin has two main functions.

The first is to tell the body to produce more HGH. It does this directly by binding to GHRP receptors and telling the body to produce more HGH.

The second effect that it has is to reduce the amount of somatostatin. Somatostatin is a growth hormone-inhibiting hormone. Its job is to stop or inhibit the production of growth hormone. By reducing serostatin, Ipamorelin is able to make the environment friendly for more growth hormone.

Both of these effects of Ipamorelin serve to increase the amount of HGH that your body naturally produces.

And HGH is what is responsible for the majority of the effects that you’re looking for. It helps the body create more tissue efficiently, which means that it’s able to create new collagen proteins in the skin, giving it a fresher, younger look. It also helps repair tissue and supports quick healing from injuries. And, it helps you build new muscle fibers.


Benefits of Ipamorelin

There are a ton of benefits that Ipamorelin can have for your physique and health. Here is a list of some of the more well-established Ipamorelin benefits.

  • Increased lean muscle: A lot of bodybuilders are using Ipamorelin. Bodybuilding is all about building muscle and burning fat. Ipamorelin is great for this. Since it stimulates your body to make more HGH, your body is able to repair tissue quickly and effectively create large muscle gains [1, 2]. Ipamorelin bodybuilding is much more effective than regular bodybuilding.
  • Burns fat: The other great thing about Ipamorelin is that it helps get rid of fat. Ipamorelin HGH is required for lipolysis which is the breakdown of fat [3]. And, since it doesn’t stimulate appetite, it helps you burn without causing you to eat more or get hungry.
  • Youthful appearance: The internet is full of shocking Ipamorelin before and after pictures, showing the crazy improvement it can have for the skin [4]. It creates firmer, younger-looking skin by improving collagen production and reducing wrinkles. Many people use it for its anti-aging effects [5].
  • More energy: Ipamorelin also can help you feel more energetic. It does this partly by speeding up your metabolism [6] and by helping you get better, deeper sleep. The result is feeling well-rested and full of energy [7].
  • Bone growth: Not only does it help your body grow muscle, but the HGH Ipamorelin produces also helps you grow healthier bones. It may be useful for those prone to developing osteoporosis later in life. [8, 9].

You can also add Ipamorelin to a stack of other peptides for improved results. For example, you can combine it with CJC 1295, another peptide that stimulates HGH emission. It can improve the immune system and reduce recovery time. There’s some evidence that using a CJC 1295 + Ipamorelin blend dosage can be more effective than using either of them alone [10].

By attaching to different receptors, CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin work together to create an additive effect and lead to a more intense GH discharge. Ultimately, together these peptides result in a much greater increase of GH concentration than either of them would on its own.

Ipamorelin Side Effects | What You MUST Know

The Ipamorelin benefits are amazing, but you want to know about the side-effects. Here’s what you should know.

First, Ipamorelin is considered to be one of the more well-tolerated substances that increase growth hormone production [11].

One of the reasons it is safer than others is because it doesn’t replace HGH itself; instead, it stimulates the body’s own natural secretion of HGH. That means that your Ipamorelin HGH levels don’t spike, they stay relatively stable.

While it is generally safe, some people have reported occasional side effects from Ipamorelin dosing.

Mild Ipamorelin side effects

Most of the side effects that people have noted from Ipamorelin are minor. Some of these include:

  • Redness, itching, pain, rashes, and sensitivity at the site of injection [6]
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Weight gain (usually associated with increased lean muscle mass)
  • Headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fever (that is transient, and goes away quickly).

Some of these are easily avoided or treated. For example, changing the site of injection should help reduce pain or irritation at that particular spot.

Other possible Ipamorelin side effects

Some Ipamorelin users also note experiencing some more severe side effects. These are uncommon in most users and are usually associated with taking high doses. They can include:

  • Water retention
  • Tingling/numbness in the hands and feet
  • Insulin resistance [12]
  • Hypertension [12]
  • Neoplasm
  • Scoliosis

Because of these possible side effects, the following people should avoid this peptide:

  • People with diabetes: Because it can interfere with insulin and blood sugar, it’s not a good choice for people with diabetes.
  • People with high blood pressure: Because it can increase blood pressure, those who already have high blood pressure should probably avoid taking Ipamorelin.
  • Minors under 18 years old: Children and young adults under 18 should probably avoid Ipamorelin. They also don’t need it. When you’re young, your body produces lots of GHG on its own. It’s only as you age that it starts to decline and you start to need Ipamorelin to give it a boost.

Mild Ipamorelin side effects

The vast majority of users have positive, safe experiences with Ipamorelin. But be aware of the side effects. To avoid them, start with a low dose and scale up as needed. Be sure to use an Ipamorelin dosage calculator to find the right Ipamorelin dosage for you.

Finally, keep in mind that while there has been some high-quality research on Ipamorelin in humans, there is still lots about it that we do not know yet. There may be some side effects that we are not yet aware of.

As always, make sure you consult your doctor before using Ipamorelin. To avoid side-effects, choose a dosing level and cycle in concert with your doctor or health provider.

Benefits of Ipamorelin

Some people might be worried about Ipamorelin cancer risk.

Using hormones can increase the risk of some cancers. For example, if you were to use a direct treatment of HGH, you would be creating a spike and imbalance in your hormone levels, and could potentially be putting yourself at risk for cancer.

There’s a similar potential risk with other forms of hormone treatment such as estrogen and testosterone treatments [13].

The beauty of Ipamorelin is that it’s not a hormone, so it doesn’t cause a sudden spike in hormone levels. Instead, it’s a peptide that stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more of its own natural growth hormones. It does this in a stable, consistent way.

Because Ipamoralen is a peptide, it doesn’t have the same cancer risks that hormones do.

Where to Buy Ipamorelin Online? | 2021 Guide

You have to be careful when you buy ipamorelin online. There are lots of companies out there that are not selling pure stuff. To avoid fillers and bad quality, make sure you buy from a company with a good reputation.

Our favorite place to buy Ipamorelin online is Peptide Sciences. They are a reputable company with consistently high-quality products. In our opinion, they are among the more trustworthy companies out there. They offer:

  • Fast international shipping: It’s an American company, so shipping within the US takes 2 to 3 days. They also ship internationally within 7 to 10 days.
  • High quality: All their products are 99% pure with no additives or fillers. They’re made for research, so they are top grade.
  • Easy payment: You can use all major credit cards as well as cryptocurrency. They use a secure payment system.
  • Awesome customer service: If you have a problem, you can get a hold of a real person.

They’re a great and legit company, so we fully recommend them.

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Side Effects of Ipamorelin? | Verdict

So what’s the verdict?

Ipamorelin is considered safe to use for most people and has many fewer side effects than other similar substances, including steroids and growth hormones.

However, there are some potential side effects from using them. In particular, it’s not a good choice for you if you are diabetic, have hypertension, or are under 18 years old.

To avoid side effects, buy high-quality Ipamorelin from a reputable source. Start with a relatively low Ipamorelin dosing, and then scale up on the next cycle if needed. Finally, always talk to your doctor before determining if a peptide is right for you.


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